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Star wood staining is an economical way to make your woodwork or furniture look new. The wood staining option means that whatever wood is stained looks just as good as new, even if it has come to the point where the wood needs sanding down.

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Wood Staining Service

The wood staining and refinishing service offered by Star Painting covers all types of wood stains, so whatever kind of wood you have at home, they can help you to bring it back to its former glory. It is essential for wood inside the house to be maintained well so that it is not affected by any pests or insects which would cause severe damage. It is wood staining that helps the wood to remain protected from any infestation.

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wood staining - all our furniture painting decorating and more work

Wooden Furniture Staining

Wooden furniture staining is an essential part of wood staining, and our wood staining service meet all kinds of needs. Wood furniture staining helps make it look new, although wood stains can also be used to give wood a specific type of finish – for example if you would like wood to look quite glossy or matte. It is wood staining that helps wood furniture to remain protected from damage.

Wooden Deck Staining

Wooden decks need stains applied to them not to become exposed wood. Once exposed wood has come to the surface, it begins to warp and go rough very quickly. After wood staining, wood decks will remain smooth for much longer than if they were left untreated, which allows them to stay looking good over time.

Having wood stains applied by Star professionals one of the best ways to ensure that your wood decking lasts as long as possible. This means that you can enjoy your outdoor space for years after it has been finished off with a beautiful satin finish. 

Star painter and decorator - wood staining
Star painter and decorator - wood staining

Fence Staining

Star wood staining is a trendy choice because of the range of options available, which means that we will be able to meet your needs whether you would like a complete overhaul or just a simple add-on. We can add new colors and finishes to your doors, windows, and furniture for them to stay looking fresh and new.

Our highly experienced team members have years of experience behind them in handling all types of wood stains, so whatever service you choose from Star Painter in Coventry, you can be sure that the results will be beautiful. This means more free time for you while our professionals handle everything for you! 

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A fence is one of the best ways to use your outdoor space, but it can also be one of the more challenging parts of home improvement. It is essential to consider fencing options that will look good for many years and not require a lot of maintenance so that you reap all the benefits from the usage of a proper fence. 

Star wood staining service provide exterior wooden fences with a beautiful finish to help them last as long as possible. Having a wall stained means that you will not worry about having to paint or maintain it regularly or frequently, instead simply enjoying its beautiful appearance for years into the future. Our service also includes floor staining and interior painting.

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