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For those homeowners who have been thinking of getting a plastered finish on their homes, it is time to call for plasterers as they can be beneficial. Plasterers have numerous benefits.

They help you create a wall that looks smooth and professional by applying plastering finishes on your walls. Suppose you want the rooms in your house to look a bit different from each other. In that case, plasterers can also come up with stunning designs and textures for different areas in your home, either using paint or wallpaper or by studying how the room will look best when decorated with plaster work.

Plastering work will make an astonishing difference to any property because of its flexibility and the fact that plasterers can design a wall to look different from others. Plasterers have complete control over the final finish since it all depends on what kind of texture they apply and how smooth or rough they want your walls to be.

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This is the process where plasterers make a skimmed finish on walls. They usually take a thin layer of plaster and blend it with a damp sponge before applying it to the wall. Once the plasterer has applied this over your walls, they will level it using a tool until reaching smooth perfection.


In most cases, plasterers use sand and cement, but some plasterers also use lime which can be sanded to give an extra smooth finish. The plasterer may not necessarily apply just one coat as they may opt for applying more than one coat depending on how rough or soft you want your wall to look in the end.



Rendering plasters are perfect for creating different textures on your walls. They apply to plasters over the skimmed finish to create a rough or smooth texture depending on what you choose. If you want your home to have modern trends, call 07479277887 to opt for something simple with our plastering services.

Once this is done, plasterers will let it dry naturally before applying the paint designs using brushes. There are some great benefits of using rendering plasters. They usually have an extremely high performance that does not require additives, making them suitable for all kinds of wall surfaces, including damp surfaces. With Star Painter and Decorator Coventry, there is no limit to how creative people can get when getting their walls decorated because plasterers can use paints or wallpaper of any kind to give the perfect finishing touch.

Wall Boarding

This is an alternative to plaster-boarding, and it can be used to create different textures on your walls.


If you want a more crisp finish, go for wallboard, as the texture will be hard-wearing and provide a bright white surface that looks more modern. In contrast, if you prefer something rough, then go for render as the shells will have a textured look of their own. You can also apply render on top of a wall board finish to make a smoother texture. There are some great benefits of wall boarding, including the fact that they require low maintenance and are therefore perfect for family homes with children who love drawing on walls. They are also more secure since no gaps exist between them, making them suitable in areas where there may be high moisture or places that are constantly damp.


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