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Does exterior painting mean a different thing to you? For a painter, the exterior is not a term attached to the windows and doors of your home. We provide exterior painting services, including exterior wall painting and exterior door/window frame painting. Our skilled painters who possess years of experience in this field complete all these external tasks. Wherever there is the need for exterior house painting or commercial painting, they have it all covered with their efficient painting services. We guarantee satisfaction from our work and ensure timely completion at affordable rates. 

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Expert painting services

As exterior painting professionals, we know that exterior painting is the first and foremost priority to increase the value of your home or office. Our exterior painters focus on giving an artistic look to the outer surface by using exterior wall paints and exterior door and window frame paints. We paint exteriors with care and perfection and provide our clients with long-lasting exterior paint finishes.

The main factors for exterior house painting are preparation, quality paint materials, dedicated workers who know how to do their job well, favorable weather conditions (should not expose painted parts to rain before drying completely), correct location (elevated platform if scaffolding is needed), etc. 

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Exterior Window / Door Painting

For exterior doors and windows to look at, our professionals use high-quality exterior paints opacifying, weather-resistant, long-lasting, solvent-free, non-yellowing, etc. Our professional Star Painters Coventry use outer wood primers to assist paint coating in providing extended service life, preventing mildew and decay, and protecting exterior wood surfaces against harsh weather.

If you consider exterior door or window painting, call us for a free estimate today!

Exterior Fence Painting

The exterior of fences plays a vital role in providing security and adding exterior beauty. Suppose you feel that the exterior paint of your outer fence is peeling off or looking dull. In that case, Star painters can help restore the luster of the exterior fence by giving it an exterior facelift.

Star Painting uses modern exterior coatings, which are long-lasting, weather-resistant, etc., for exterior painting projects keeping in mind their ease of application and lasting durability. Painting exterior fencing may require power washing to remove any dirt accumulation. This needs to be done carefully to not damage the surface underneath before applying primer coats.

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Deck Painting

Exterior deck painting can be done with exterior wood or exterior concrete coating, depending on the material used for exterior decking. Exterior painters will do exterior deck staining to rejuvenate its look. They also provide external furniture polishing services, ensuring that the exterior wooden furniture, whether outdoor patio sets or garden armchairs, is well maintained and looks as good as new.

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We're The Best Exterior Painting Company In Town

Star Painting also provides you with a variety of exterior design ideas that can be implemented to give your home an exterior makeover.

We use exterior accessories and equipment of the highest quality and come from reputed external accessory suppliers such as exterior paint, exterior primer, exterior lacquer, exterior stains, etc.

We adhere to all safety standards while painting/staining exterior surfaces and thus provide complete peace of mind. We also provide interior painting and interior decorating services.

Call us today for a free exterior painting or exterior design consultation estimate.

Competitive Prices

We provide fair pricing on all sorts of exterior painting, whether you're a homeowner or a company owner. Call us immediately for a no-obligation quotation!

Reliable & Quality Workmanship

Customer service is, in our opinion, the most essential aspect of our firm. We are concerned about your money, which is why we will complete the task of exterior painting to an exceptional standard.

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